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Leslie Ransom, CFP®

Your future.
Your terms.

Holistic financial planning for creatives, freelancers, small business owners, and independent thinkers.

Indie Financial Planning is a woman-run, fee only financial planning firm with a background in arts & entertainment.

A strong financial foundation will empower you to worry less and live more.

We can help:

  • Build a sustainable cash flow [even on irregular income]
  • Organize your accounts to save and invest smarter.
  • Plan for major changes in your life [house, retirement, education]
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How Can Indie Financial
Planning Help Me?

Money is a complicated thing. It permeates our lives and can cause great anxiety and even fear. Don’t let uncertainty about money keep you from living your life.

What does a realistic budget look like for me?
We build a cash flow to help you spend and save within your means, address debt payments, and create a savings system to fund your goals.
Are my savings & investment strategy on track?
We help you create an account structure and asset allocation based on your risk tolerance and the timing of your future goals.
Can I afford to work for myself?
We build a plan to assess target incomes, outline systems to streamline your cash flow, review potential costs and tax implications of self-employment and build retirement and other savings to support your lifestyle.
How do recent changes in my life change my financial goals?
A holistic financial plan gives you the tools to review changes in your goals or cash flow from life changes such as a new job, move to self-employment, new house, etc. Your plan is a road map to help you navigate your progress to the next mile marker.

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