Getting Started

So, all this sounds good, what happens next?

  • First off, schedule an Initial Call. It’s free.  This call is a chance for us to discuss your reasons for seeking financial planning. It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know more about me and my practice.
  • After the call, I will put together a proposal for you. It will outline the objectives of your financial plan, some of the key areas of focus, expected deliverables and [most importantly] it will include the estimated price of the project.
  • If you accept the proposal, I will send an engagement to be signed. I will also provide you with a list of documents I will need to build your project and an initial questionnaire to fill in some details.

Once you’ve signed the engagement, the planning process really kicks in:

Financial Planning Graphic

  • Gather and Review: We start by gathering lots of information about your current situation and digging into the details of your reasons for planning. You will provide some documents and cash flow numbers. We will have a “Get Organized” meeting to talk about where you are currently and where you are hoping to go. We will look at future inflection points in your financial journey [buying a house, funding college, retirement, etc] and give them more focus. This will generate the pieces we will use to build your plan.
  • Analyze: After our Get Organized meeting, we will be able to build your current scenario. This includes your current spending and savings, how you are working to fund short and long term goals and how you see things progressing into the future. We can also look at options that are available to you to improve your ability to fund your goals. We can consider several alternative scenarios to support your ideal lifestyle and future needs.
  • Review Your Plan: We will review your plan together. This will involve going over your current scenario and demonstrating the effect of taking actions now to put you in a better position for your ideal future. Together we will discuss which possible alternatives fit your situation and what actions you might take to enjoy your current lifestyle while you build systems to support your ideal future.
  • Take Action: Your plan will likely include some things that you can do right now to better position your financial future. We will give you a “to do” list to begin the process of implementing your plan.

Ideally, you will continue to revisit your plan over time and we can repeat and refine your plan as life continues.

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