Holistic Financial Planning

Most financial decisions are not simple. Whether it’s “how much do I need to retire” or “can I afford to buy a house”, these questions don’t exist in a vacuum. The answer depends on a variety of things from how much you spend each month to your current tax bracket. Money plays a role in so many parts of our lives. We each have a very different relationship with money.

Traditionally, financial planning has involved putting a price on some goals and creating a “target” number that you need to save before retirement to reach those goals. Simple, right? Or maybe, just simplistic.

Hostistic Financial Planning

A holistic approach to financial planning looks at your current situation, your values and priorities for the months and years to come. We consider the many areas of your life that are influenced by money including cash flow, goal planning, tax planning, retirement savings, education planning, insurance, employee benefits, etc.  There are many moving pieces and we want to help you understand how they work together to help you get to your ideal future. As one of my colleagues described it, Real Financial Planning is the intersection of your money and your life.

In Holistic Financial Planning, we are building a system that looks not only at you life today and your life in retirement but considers various inflection points along the way that will shape your journey. We focus on both practical and emotional factors that either enhance or hinder your quality of life and financial satisfaction.

Successfully reaching both short and long term goals is going to be easier with a plan. Usually, our lives get more complicated over time with each new layer [new job, family, home purchase, etc]. Having a plan that can change as new pieces are added to your plan allows you the confidence to continue moving forward because you have already outlined your path.

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