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Investment PhilosophyIt is not easy to separate emotion from investment decisions. Stock market swings combined with media hype and “get-rich-quick” schemes build false hope and play on our fears. Over the course of a common investment cycle, this can lead to impulsive decisions as we rush to buy the next hot stock then get out before it hits bottom. In other words, buy high and sell low. This is the opposite of what you need to build a strong investment portfolio. We help remove emotion from the investment process and help you create a plan based on actions that will add value.

Together we will create an asset allocation with targets based on your risk tolerance and goals. As your portfolio drifts away from its targets, we rebalance periodically with an eye towards helping you buy low and sell high.
We believe that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to beat the stock market on a consistent basis. In fact, research shows that even if a manager out-performs the market for one or two years, they will not do so on a consistent, ongoing basis. Moreover, actively managed funds generally have high costs and undue risk which are not justified by long-term performance.

The global equity market is large and represents a world of investment opportunity. We aim to build a diversified portfolio (including sector, size, and location) which will better capture what these markets have to offer. Diversification provides the opportunity for a more stable outcome than any single security.

Cost is a major factor in the final return for investors. Therefore, we use no-load or load-waived indexed equity mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), to create a diversified portfolio with a very low cost basis.
Investment management clients will be able to log on to view their holdings (in conjunction with any other non-managed accounts) at any time. We strive for transparency in our investment of client assets. In addition, because we are fee-only advisors, we do not accept commissions or other funds from third parties.

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